Spike 2 Advanced Control Box Instructions Software R1.2

Below are the instructions on how to operate the Spike 2 advanced control box running software revision 1.2


Your control box contains 3 main buttons.

  • UP
  • DOWN

We will reference these buttons in the instructions below.

Note: When operating the buttons please keep your hands away from any HIGH VOLTAGE areas of your Stern Spike pinball back-box. Even if the coin door is open a shock could occur!


Press the select button to choose what function you wish to modify. The lights will flash a certain color indicating you have selected that function.

OrderFunction NameColor Indicator
1Select PatternBlue
2Select Color PalletPurple
3Select SpeedGreen
3Select BrightnessWhite
4Toggle Sound ActivatedRed

Once you have selected a function, you will then be able to modify the function by using the up and down keys. The below section will indicated what you can modify using the up and down selectors.


Use the up and down keys to select a pattern of LED lights:

OrderPattern NameDescriptionPalletsSoundSpeed
2Fire SyncronizedYesYesYes
3Rainbow w/GlitterNoNoNo
8Rotating RainbowNoNoNo

Color Pallet

Use the up and down keys to rotate between different color pallets if enabled for the mode.


Use the up and down keys to change the speed of the mode. You can adjust the speed from 1 to 10.


Use the up and down keys to adjust the brightness of the lights. There are 8 levels of brightness adjustments.

Sound Activated

You can toggle sound activation on / off by pressing either the up or down keys. The frames will light up to indicate the status of the mode:

Sound Activation ONGreen
Sound Activation OFFRed

Note not all modes are impacted by sound activation currently.

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