Software Updates

How to Update Software on Advanced Control Box

Revision 1 Control Box – Version 2.2

Whats New?

  • Added support for our Iron Maiden Interactive Board
  • Added two new patterns: Chasing In and Chasing Out which utilize the color pallet and sound activation features
  • Revised the under-cabinet routine to fill all light bars and minimize extreme flashing
  • Smoothed out the fire pattern slightly
  • Improved update routine to allow for manual COM port selection when auto-detection fails
  • Fixed: Screen Timeout Bug

Download Firmware 2.2 Update File

Revision 1 Control Box – Version 2.1

Whats New?

  • Added support for our advanced under-cabinet Kit
  • Switched display library to reduce memory usage and improve performance
  • Added new fill patterns for under-cabinet kit
  • Added dark red, yellow and rainbow flame colors
  • Adjusted flame patterns so there is less dead activity
  • Adjusted microphone code to be more reactive but smoother
  • Adjusted flames to have more blending
  • Added flame level menu setting
  • Menus now show “selected” under the currently selected setting
  • Fixed several overflow bugs which caused incorrect light patterns.

    Download Firmware Update File

    Revision 1 Control Box – Version 1.5

    This version is our original firmware version that was installed with our R1 control boxes

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