Speaker Light Kits

We are proud to introduce our newest Stern Spike 2 Advanced Speaker Light frames. We think these frames easily out perform any light frames on the market, with over 160 LEDS and user selectable patterns and interactivity.

Myth Pinball Advanced Stern 2 Pinball Speaker Lights plug directly into most Stern Spike 2 Pinball Machine. Sound Activated patterns include flaming lights, flame lights, rainbow, confetti and more.

Compatible With:

  • Stern Iron Maiden Pinball Machine
  • Stern Jurassic Park Pinball Machine
  • Stern Deadpool Pinball Machine
  • Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine
  • Stern Rush Pinball Machine
  • Stern Black Knight Sword of Rage Pinball Machine
  • Stern Aerosmith Pinball Machine
  • and more… (pretty much any SPIKE 2 game)

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