Stern Spike 2 Speaker Light Kit

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The most advanced Stern Spike 2 speaker light kit.  With more than 10 amazing patterns including our sound-activated flame pattern!

Need more examples?  See our preview videos on our Youtube channel.

Due to high demand: We will be building the kits in the order received.  You will receive constant communication of your build status and your order is 100% refundable until shipped.

Please Note:  Due to high demand, orders placed today will ship in 2-4 weeks.

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The control box has multiple patterns including:

  • Flames
  • Synchronized Flames
  • Full Frame Flames
  • Flames with Stars
  • Rainbow w/Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Sinelone
  • Juggle
  • BPM
  • Rotating Rainbow

Our sound-activated control box has a microphone that changes color patterns has it detects different volume levels.

You can also adjust Color Pallets and Brightness of the LED frames.

This advanced control box plugs directly into the power distribution board in the head of your game using the CN6 connector.

This mod has a built-in fuse to protect your game and has advanced software power management to ensure a constant usage of power.

Software is upgradable via micro-usb as new versions come out.  Software is based on the FastLED Arduino open source library.


  • Empty CN6 connector in Backbox (please check before ordering!)
  • At least 1 AMPS available for Mods for Frames Only / 2 AMPS for Undercab or Backbox kits

If you do not have an empty CN6 connector, please contact us for an optional power adapter that plugs into the service outlet.


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