Godzilla Pinball Advanced Speaker Light Kit

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Spike 2 Speaker Light Frames (Included)

With 86 LED lights a Frame (172 Lights Total!), these speaker light frames fit directly into a Stern Spike 2 Pro, Premium and LE games.

Includes (2) light distribution panels to help distribute the light evenly.

NOTE: Non-Stock Speakers may require replacement speaker frames (not-included).  Contact us with any questions before ordering.

Spike 2 Speaker Light Control Box V3 (Included)

Use our advanced control box with our Stern Spike 2 Speaker Light Frames to complete a full game kit!  With over 10 patterns, user-selectable colors, speeds, and sound-activated modes!

Godzilla - Burning Building Frame Retro Inserts (Optional)

Add these awesome inserts to your speaker kit to add burning buildings to your Godzilla pinball machine.   Right frame is an outline of Tokyo and the left side is an outline of New York.  A must for any Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine.

Under-Cabinet Light Kit (Optional)

Add over 160 interactive lights under your game that matches your speaker frames for an amazing interactive display.   Our advanced kit creates a nice bright glow under the game.   Contains (4) 40 LED light bars and mounts.

Temporarily unavailable

USB Upgrade Cable (Optional)

Add this 1ft USB type A to USB micro B cable to your kit to allow you to easily install software upgrades to your advanced control box.

Take your Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine to the Next Level

Our speaker light kit plugs directly into your Stern Godzilla pinball machine and provides 172 LEDs of interactive lighting with over 10 interactive patterns and sound activated modes.

Some of our modes:
– Sound Activated Flames
– Sound Activated Double Flames
– Rainbow with Sound Activated Sparkles
– Confetti
– Sinelon
– Juggle
– Rainbow

You can also adjust the colors of most of the patterns and change the speed and brightness.

We also have an Under-Cabinet kit add-on that syncs with the speaker frames for matching patterns.

Kit includes:
– (2) 86 LED Speaker Frames
– Spike Power Module (Plugs Directly into CN6 Connector)
– Advanced Control Box
– White Light Distribution Panels
– Connection Cables

Optional: Godzilla Retro City Scape

Add On Under-Cabinet Kit includes:
– (4) Light Bars with 40 LED lights a piece
– Clips and Connection Cables

Fits in most Stern Spike 2 Games including Pro, Premium and LE models. May not fit in games with replacement speakers, please contact us first.

Spike 2 Speaker Light Control Box V3 (Included)

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1.5 in

Godzilla - Burning Building Frame Retro Inserts (Optional)

Weight .10 lbs

Under-Cabinet Light Kit (Optional)

Weight .63 lbs


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