Under-Cabinet Kit 8 Install Instructions

Required Tools

  • Pliers or Snippers
  • Safety Glasses

Time Required: 20 minutes

Run Under-Cabinet Extension Cable

TURN OFF YOUR GAME – Always turn off the game when plugging or unplugging anything into your control box.

Open the speaker panel by inserting the back-box key and turning it. Lower the speaker panel down into the position shown above.

Locate this wire clip. Attached one end of the cable into this clip and loop it around the clip so it cannot be pulled down.

Feed the remainder of the wire down into the game cabinet through the large hole.

Connect the end of the under-cabinet extension cable to the U plug on the control box. (picture above is wrong)

Remove the balls and raise the playfield on the game.

Remove the staples near the left side hole in the rear of the cabinet. Feed the wire down through the hole.

Separate Light Bars

Locate the light bars. You will need a pliers or snippers to separate the light into 8 individual light bars.
NOTE: WEAR SAFETY GOOGLES when separating the light bars as the small pieces can split
NOTE: LED Light Bars and any circuit boards may contain traces of LEAD, wash your hands throughly after handing. Do not allow the small pieces to fall where they could be potentially ingested by an animal or person.

Starting at the corner, use the pliers to gently twist the edges of the circuit board away from light bars.

The edges should separate as shown. Remove all the edges first.

Your board should look like this now.

Using the pliers, between the led (never on the LED itself), gently twist a single light board away from the others.

Do the same on the other side of the board, and the LED light bar should separate.

Your light bars should now look like this, use a pliers or snipping tool to remove any remaining nubs from the light bars.

Prepare Light Bars for Installation

Clean the bottom of the light bars with isopropryl alcohol or a similar gentle cleaner. Let dry.

Take one pack of the velcro strips. Remove the backing and install as shown. Be sure to install after the metal pins. Repeat on both sides on all light bars.

Your bars should now look like the above.

Take the second pack of velcro and push the velcro strips onto the top of the light bars lining up the velcro. Do not remove the backing at this time.

Your light bars should look like the above image and are ready to be installed!

Install Light Bars

Advanced Light Kit

Advanced Kit contains (8) light bars and is spaced around the edge of the underside of the game.

Start in the very front of the game, install the light bar closest to the coin door. Install it about 2 inches from the edge. Remove the backing of the velcro strips and push strongly into place. Note the direction of the light bar, the IN side should be on the left and the OUT side should be towards the right.

Install the inter-connection wire on each side of the LED strip, this will help you with spacing and to make sure everything is lined up.

Now install a bar on the left and right side of the game, about 2 inches from the edge. Again note the direction arrows. On the left side of the game (as shown above) the arrows should be pointing toward the front, and on the right side of the game they should be pointing towards the rear)

Install the next set of bars, leave a bit of slack in the cables this time as you go back for better spacing. Again left side (as seen above) arrows should be pointing forwards towards the coin door and on the right side they should be pointing backwards.

Install the last set of bars, again observing the IN / OUT combination, left side pointing towards coin door and right side pointing away.

Install the last light bar across the back of the holes as shown above. Point the OUT towards the light bar and the IN should be empty still.

Connect the cable you dropped through the cabinet to the IN on the last light bar. Use the black cable clips to clean up any wiring you see fit.

Connect this cable to the U port on your control box. You are now all set!

Warning: Remove the light bars if you plan on moving the game. In order to remove twist the bar off the velcro, do not pull straight down. If you wish to remove the velcro gently pull on the tabs to release the velcro from the game. Once released you will need to replace with new velcro.

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