Spike 2 CN6 Power Splitter Install

Required Tools

  • No tools required.

Time: 5 mins

Remove the wire from the plugs on the power splitter.

Plug one end of the wire into the CN6 connector on the backbox.

Plug the second end on the far right plug on the power splitter.

Stick the power splitter to the backbox where it is the best fit using the magnetic base.

Connect all mods to the power splitter (including our kit).

WARNING: Our speaker light kit consumes about 1 amp of power without the under-cabinet kit and up to 1.6 amps of power with the under-cabinet kit. The CN6 connector cannot handle more than 2 amps of power. Be careful how many mods you attach to this board. Our kit has under-current protection, so if your speaker lights shut-off for any reason, you have most likely overloaded your CN6 connector. Luckily we have options to fix this issue, so contact us if this happens.

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